A writer's life

Working in any of the creative arts makes for an odd sort of existence and writers spend most of their time in their heads talking to imaginary friends. Our aim is to spin lies sufficiently well to entice the reader into sharing this make-believe world. Except once we have achieved that, we then brood on how we can make the entire fabrication feel exactly like real life even though everyone knows it is a story. The solution to this conundrum is deceptively simple: build all flights of fancy on the truths of the human condition. That we will all experience love and hope and despair and betrayal and joy and bleakness, grief and deep gratitude. And hundreds of other emotions besides. My novels explore those. So here is a peek into the bubbling cauldron they come from. Me.


I, like every other writer who has to work for their living, am available for hire. Over the years I have taken on a number of writing projects and have always found them to be a welcome change of pace and focus from crafting novels. Here is a selection those in the industry can regard as a partial CV; the rest of you might be interested in what writers do to sing for their supper.

Creativity coaching

Every one of us was born creative. Most of us have had some of that knocked (or mocked) out of us along the way, but the lucky cultivate a creative passion that gives joy, challenges, satisfaction and pride in equal measure. Mine has been writing for over 20 years but in my youth I dabbled with choral singing, garden design, playing the flute, interior decorating, and many shorter creative obsessions that didn’t stand the test of time (or memory). The perverse thing is that discovering what lights your fire is only the beginning because self-generated barriers often deny us permission to indulge. I trained as a creativity coach with the wonderful Dr Eric Maisel to develop the mindset and techniques to overcome mine. You may find they also work for you.

Dance Quartet

Every book I write makes me a better writer. Although this is mainly because I challenge myself to strengthen my skills in a specific aspect of the craft each time, it is also due in no small part to a growth in confidence. Many of the turning points, lessons learned, and light bulb moments have become associated in my mind with specific novels. Here are the ones I can attribute to my journey through writing the first half of the Rhythms in Crime Dance Quartet. And do pop back because then you’ll be a witness to my current cycle of pain / growth as I test myself against the remaining books.


To be a writer you first have to live a little, love whatever is there to be loved, and open up so the world can leave its traces on your heart. This is what you’ll find engraved on mine.

Planning writing projects

Some writers are adamant they never plan. I place them in the same category as students who boast they didn’t revise for an upcoming exam. Planning is simply thinking about what comes next after you’ve put one foot in front of the other, and if we didn’t do that we’d fall over. So whether you plan a lot or a little, you plan. Trust me. Everyone just does it in different ways and there are plenty of tricks to doing it better.

Skills & craft

The skills and craft of creative writing can be learned, practised, and honed. Whatever it is you want to communicate via the written word, you will enjoy the process more if you work at it. The better you become at choosing the right language, selecting the appropriate tone, utilising a fluid narrative style and painting vivid images, the more your reader will feel as though you have been speaking directly to them. Whatever you do, don’t be lazy and settle for second best. Your writing deserves more: you deserve more.

Teaching & editorial

Some of the creative writing courses and workshops I run are general, others focus on specific areas such as writing memoirs, poetry or short stories, but all lay a heavy emphasis on learning the skills & craft. You will find many of my approaches and materials on this website, but as communication is always best conducted in person I’ll be giving notice of my upcoming teaching here. I also undertake coaching on specific writing projects for a select group of clients so if you are interested in that, you have come to the right place.

Writing wisdom & quotes

Take inspiration from my collection of constructive advice, pearls of wisdom, and heartening words. I don’t go along with all the opinions expressed here but everything these writers have to say deserves consideration, if for no other reason than they have earned their spurs – many openly displaying the scars to prove it.