Beddingham Hall December 1927

In spite of the mental assertion that we are not going to perform a certain action, the idea of that action, owing to other conditions, acquires and maintains a dominance in consciousness which ultimately leads to its realisation.

Part V. Mind map for Walls of Silence by Ruth Wade

The Stout quotation introducing the new territory of Edith’s state of mind in Part V sums up the end of her journey perfectly. Or at least where she gets to. It has been a painful mess to get this far but now everything is clear. Or so she thinks. My notes of notes that led her to this conclusion:

  • Conscious v unconscious minds becomes Edith’s scientific logic v her feelings. The first she is familiar with, the second is untested and unreliable.
  • For the first time she feels power. Over another. Over herself.
  • When you open up the future to possibilities then you have to accept responsibility for making them happen. The move from child to adult in transactional analysis terms. Victim to equal in relationship terms.
  • Circles – see Part I. Circles made whole.

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