Rhythms in Crime Dance Quartet: rumba

Dancing with Death by Ruth Wade. Second novel in Rhythms in Crime Dance Quartet.


Dancing with Death is a novel set in 1920’s Havana, Cuba. The island thrills to the heartbeat of dancing in the squares at night, rum-running, racketeering, and revolution. It is a dangerous place in dangerous times.


Rumba is a true reflection of Cuba’s mixed heritage. The dance reflects the needs of the colonial Spanish to codify unchaperoned couplings and the Africans sold into slavery to express the passionate sensuality of freedom. The result comes close to perfection.

Watch this video and see for yourself . . .

You may also be interested in Ruth Wade’s other books: A Fatal Rhythm* (the first in the Rhythms in Crime Dance Quartet) or Walls of Silence.

For crime stories set in 1920’s London, try the May Keaps series by BK Duncan.

* here you can watch a clip of flamenco outside the Sacromonte caves in Granada.


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