Beneath Foul Trade

Foul Trade by BK Duncan. Bloodhound Books

It’s often the odd or obscure things I turn up during planned research that intrigue me enough to go off down different paths to learn something new. These nuggets of knowledge always add more depth and texture to my writing. Here are some of the books that made up my voyage of discovery for Foul Trade:

Forgotten London: a picture of life in the 1920s. (Elizabeth Drury, Phillippa Lewis)

London’s East End Life and Traditions. (Jane Cox)

The New Survey of London Life and Labour

London the Biography. (Peter Ackroyd)

Thames Sacred River. (Peter Ackroyd)

London Docks. (John Pudney)

Mayhew’s London. (ed Peter Quennell)

Borrowed Time: the story of Britain between the wars. (Roy Hattersley)

We Danced All Night: a social history of Britain between the wars. (Martin Pugh)

Theatrical London: Britain in old photographs. (Patricia Dee Berry)

Scotland Yard. (Firmin)

Light and Shade at Scotland Yard. (Howgrave-Graham)

Inquest. (S. I. Oddie)

Forensic Medicine. (Keith Simpson)

Cause of Death: the story of forensic science. (Frank Smyth)

Lethal Witness: Sir Bernard Spilsbury honorary pathologist. (Andrew Rose)

Dope Girls: the birth of the British drug underground. (Marek Kohn)

May Keaps series

Style and Substance: the glamour of 1930’s motorcars

For the rich in Britain between the wars, having the glamour of a 1930’s motorcar to match your lifestyle was everything.

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1918 programme for variety show for St Dunstan's front cover

Variety theatre: 1918 show in aid of St Dunstan’s

This remarkable document is a testament to its time. Programme for a 1918 variety show in aid of St Dunstan’s, the Blinded Soldiers’, and Sailors’ Hostel.

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