1920’s sporting fashion

Getting out in the open air was seen as very good for 1920’s women.Those who had jobs on the land or in service or were so poor they worked every waking hour were already fit (if not healthy) but shop-girls, office workers, and the idle rich took up sports with an enthusiasm rarely equalled since. Rambling, tennis, golf, cycling – and even flying for those who could afford lessons – became feminine pursuits that demanded a fashion all of their own.

Here are some of my favourite illustrations from dressmaking patterns and advertising images of the time.

Fashion for 1920's female golfers. Research Ruth Wade

1920's female aviators wearing the height of sporting fashion. Research Ruth Wade

1920's sporting fashion. Blue and red jazzy skirt & top, navy cloche.

1920's outdoor fashion

1920's fashionably dressed female tennis players. Research Ruth Wade