Murder and medics

Vintage medical field kit. Wellcome foundation.

So what did they do before DNA?

Most of my research around postmortems, pathology, and police procedures involved wading through the dozens of worthy books on the topics I picked up secondhand. Most do not make good reading, but all are packed with facts and clues on what would constitute a credible 1920’s investigation. The information on the following websites is far more accessible:

Forensic Pathologists in History

Forensic Science Timeline

Origins of Forensic Science

Stories from Scotland Yard

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


May Keaps series

1918 programme for variety show for St Dunstan's front cover

Variety theatre: 1918 show in aid of St Dunstan’s

This remarkable document is a testament to its time. Programme for a 1918 variety show in aid of St Dunstan’s, the Blinded Soldiers’, and Sailors’ Hostel.

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Golders Green Hippodrome variety programme 1914 page 1

Variety Theatre: Golders Green Hippodrome 1914

I’ve kept this battered copy of a 1914 variety theatre programme safe for over 40 years.

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