Found Drowned: the second test for May Keaps.

I am delighted to announce that Found Drowned will be published by Bloodhound Books in 2018.

More details – including a sneak preview of what will replace my mock-up cover design – as soon as I have them.

As well as the May Keaps series, you may also be interested in the Rhythms in Crime Dance Quartet or Walls of Silence


Going places

Bloodhound Books is a leading independent publisher of crime and thriller fiction.

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“I remember her wearing this, what a fright . . .”

Oral history is people telling stories. Storytelling.

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Murder and medics

So what did they do before DNA?

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London docklands

If you want to learn about what made London

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Poplar and Limehouse

Mostly I used the 1914 OS maps

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East End communities

Limehouse was London’s original Chinatown. 

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It was never to be the coming of peace

These residents of Poplar had little money

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An East End voice

The research for Foul Trade really came alive

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It wasn’t all Downton Abbey
by BK Duncan

  History as nostalgic entertainment will always be with us.

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The past in the present

All my novels have been set in the 1920s.

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The melting pot

As a writer, not all influences are easy to identify.

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Beneath Foul Trade

It’s often the odd or obscure things

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